Pencilman's Workbook

black skies 10000 porches systemic breakdown
Pencilman shakes his cup in all this cold skin
powders into cracks in the pages in the light

streets pool into empty lots Pencilman screams
all night things called people trash his brain

between words drugs what can be done on crutches
or dollies arms of another won't fit

Pencilman listened to robot-troubadours singing
singing to the moons Pencilman lisks the streets

he sees into rooms where pink things move in
endless rotation dark notions speak in his ear
"go there ripen them" 0 no he thinks not wind
blows trash weeds pencils

in one room he sees a gold thing revolving
he gets hard in the cold gulps red vodka some
one passes in the night takes a pencil throws
a blue coin

in deadsleep he hears eternal thunder his main
eye sees metal fall slow motion to the sidewalk
a blur of silver footprints left behind he needs

astrolabe theremin throat-of-mink so many galaxies
each one seemed but a single spark as he passed
through the Arx


like tar his shit was a black soft pellet of Time

if he could be even halfhuman again even for a
micromoment he thought as Superdoll undulated
by in radiant cuntpink light

glistening with rage he creates nets of blackholes
to suck in angels and laughing blind astronauts

one evening he rolled to the alien zoo
stared at tiny scarlet sirens in cages of water
their voices a horrible fire in his brain
when they pressed their full black lips to the liquid

once he'd known all skies every rift and gulph
from the inside sometimes now he broke every
pencil one by one chewed them to the LED sucked
out all of it till his lips were deader than
the snows that fell after eStorms had passed
his tears red acid burning pale holes in the air

from starburn his eyes Oranged rotting ensconced
in titaniumleather pouches and coughing fits of
sparkles almost galaxies out his mouth gold
pustules dancing under irruptions of ballerinas
trailing sugarwet thighs

deeplost deliria inside hallucinatory chronic
hypersores suppurating his childhood lightyears


then Pencilcrafters came and he jobbed alas on
solid planets but he got paid enough to rent
the suckholes at least

when his head caved in he just sank into a pile
of laughter sounding like a rain of ether-marbles
down an endless wormhole

all the ones who Mothered threw off pheromones
like hot glue on his face as they passed twitching
triple-hipped only the Metals could enjoy them! all
that meat juicing down the city walls some strange
thing about passing foetuses down caverns of
auto-tightening muscles Pencil man obscened the
air licked the cuntjuice from his face with 12
inches of spongey tongue Breeders' Wine he called it

if he could re/phrase he'd blow back to Vega

then someone shouted HELMSMAN! in the depths  of
his image like a nova years passed in his
numbcell there was no image he came to in the
virtual gutters with matchgirls and applesellers

as he passed out the same voice HELMSMAN!
if only he could re/phrase one street away the
Dollman could sim anything

he had himself made into an astronaut doll
a little girl bought him he got all the way to
the Spica Fields before the Sensors caught up


his penance on Europa left him skinless for a
while then back in his shithell all these things
were happening as he sat in front of his pencils
he coughed up oracles of sputum to provide a
spectacle for the Virals and Halfers on their
way to the faire

Pencilman licks his streets to the Moons singing
singing to the troubadour robots who cock their
gleaming heads to listen, listen

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